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Dr. Barbara McMillan



On Sept. 24, 2014, Dr. McMillan will give a talk on Climate Change and Ecocide in Anthropocene Epoch: The Source of Our Greatest Vulnerability at the Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Vulnerability in Comparative Perspective conference. Other speakers include her peers from the Education for Sustainable Well-Being Education working group and staff from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

As an associate education professor in curriculum, teaching, and learning, Dr. McMillan focuses on questions of environmental and sustainability education through her research and teaching.

Dr. Marleny Munoz Bonnycastle


With higher rates of negative outcomes like suicide and FASD, life in northern Manitoba often has unique challenges. Dr. Marleny Munoz Bonnycastle, an assistant professor in the northern social work program, addresses these and other issues in her research.  

In many of her projects, Munoz Bonnycastle uses a method called PhotoVoice that empowers participants to tell their stories through photography, and in turn, influence positive change.   

Dr. Sarah Hannan


Children have a right to education, but what does that mean? Is it compatible with parents' control over which schools their children attend or what they are taught?

These are some of the questions political studies professor Dr. Sarah Hannan studies in her research in contemporary political philosophy. She is especially interested in the morality of procreation and parenting, as well as children’s autonomy rights. 

Rally to protect women: Sept. 19


Zhen Shan Ren's art: Sept. 14-20

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